Hearing Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about us.

Dear Dr. Kalies,

July 8, 2004 you gave me an extensive hearing test. Afterwards you explained the results at great length, relating that my loss is moderate in the high frequencies. After a brief demonstration the following day, my decision was yes, I want the hearing aids. Now, I am able to understand my grand daughter over the phone, to have conversation in a noisy place and have cut the volume in half or less in viewing television.

I find the ReSound Air hearing devices extremely comfortable, have has no problem with adjustment to them. Usually I wear them at least 12 hours daily. I really love them. Thank you so much for introducing me to a new delight. Also, I thank you for your expertise, kindness and compassion. I feel I’ve made a new friend.

M.T. - Resident of Rockport, TX

Other hearing aids never worked for me so over my objections, my wife Beverly made an appointment and drove me down to the Coastal Bend Hearing Clinic at 201 W. Wilson here in Aransas Pass, in the old CPL office building. Much to my surprise, a very nice lady of Indian descent introduced herself as Dr. Daksha Kalies, Doctor of Audiology. I noticed she was American educated with a Master’s degree from Oklahoma and a Clinical Doctorate from Pennsylvania.

This was no hearing aid salesman, she was the real thing. After extensive tests, she set me down in her office and with charts and printouts, told me exactly what was wrong with my hearing and recommended the new computerized hearing aids that can be programmed with different modes to cover the full range of my hearing loss. They are a 100 percent digital, multichannel, multiprogrammable signal processing auditory enhancement device with digital feedback reduction, noise reduction, gain processing and compression. This model has a preamplifier, a 23 bit analog-to digital converter with a 138 decibel dynamic range. The processor chip runs 150 million operations per second, with all digital output to the transducer.

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am and after having them for two months I want to give Dr. Kalies my highest recommendation. She has called me back several times and hooked her computer software into each hearing aid and watched the readout and further tuned each device to better control hearing loss.

We all know that most professional people of Indian descent are very intelligent and I believe she is the smartest of them all. If you are having a hearing problem, by all means contact Dr.Kalies. This town is very fortunate to have this gracious lady here and we don’t even have to go out of town.

Mr. Bill St. Clair - Ex-Mayor, City Of Aransas Pass, TX